How to booby trap your room

how to booby trap your room

Four Methods:Choosing Your Booby Trap Making a Basic Tripwire Alarm entered your room, just place fishing wire in the front of your door without any sound. Easy way to booby trap your bedroom door in 5 steps!. A quick 5 min way to set a booby trap. How to booby trap your room #1. toxicsniper Loading. Sometimes small office skirmishes and disagreements explode into full-on battle. When the door opens, the can tips and the chemicals fall onto the intruder. He has broken in and waited, hiding, to try and kill me. Fill a medium sized bucket with cold water. Pack cotton or paper, dirt or anything to stabilize the live round inside the shell so it does not. Will try one or two of your traps — with a permanent dyes to mark the buggers faces and clothes pyramid 13 police to take action. Whenever she says a word, make an obnoxious noise. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Girls drunk on …. We rigged up a few paintball markers, set at full auto, 20 balls per second, at crotch level. Dig a small hole big enough of the 12 shell to stand up in and place a flat rock or other hard object in the bottom of the hole and set the shell down on top with a the thumb tack head resting on the rock. I set one of these up and it stopped immediately when I opened the door on them before they could reach the door. how to booby trap your room Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. When the door opens, the can tips and the chemicals fall onto the intruder. Survival Weapons Survival Skills Survival Guide Survival Gear Wilderness Survival Camping Survival Stupid Things Hiking Trails Sticks Forward. Fishing line the strongest you can find ; Tall Nails. You remember fly paper, right? Yet Another Way to Booby Trap a Diet Cola with Mentos! I seen the shotgun trap on tv show 1, ways to die…this poor fella had it set up during night time when he would go to sleep…well one night he was sleepwalking and was killed by his own trap…very sad! You can use tape to securely attach the alarm — a keychain alarm is pretty light. How to Booby Trap A Water Bottle!!!!! Tie the string around the door knob door closed and put a nail above the door. March 4, at Click here to share your story. At one point or another, all of us — with the exception of Greek shipping heirs and royalty with unfortunate-looki …. For anyone over 65, this system is even more valuable.

How to booby trap your room Video

EASY! How to booby trap your bedroom

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